Enjoy Schoorl and his surroundings


The villages of Schoorl, Groet and Camperduin lie at the foot of the Schoorl dunes; the highest widest and most diverse dune area of the Dutch coast. Throughout the year, it is a lovely walking and cycling area.

Schoorl has 3 climbing dunes especially for children are a real experience.
On the bike through the dunes to Schoorl aan Zee (where no cars are allowed) is an experience in itself.

Flop Beach Hargen and Camperduin are easily accessible by bus and car.

In Camperduin is the beginning of the famous Hondsbossche Dam, a mighty dyke with her ​​foot bird sanctuary “De Putten”.

Bike rental:  www.fietsverhuurschoorl.nl
Klootschieten: www.schoorlseklootschieters.nl
Solar Train through the dunes:  www.zonnetreinschoorl.nl
athletic relax:  www.DJUS.nl
Schoorl dunes:  www.buitencentra.nl
Surf Kayaking:  www.eenactievevakantie.nl
Groupactivities Schoorl:  www.actievegroepsuitstapjes.nl
Surf Kayaking  www.eenactievevakantie.nl
Groupactivities Schoorl:  www.actievegroepsuitstapjes.nl

Canoeing on the North Sea
Horse riding at the equestrian centers of Schoorl
Sport fishing in the North Sea or along the North sea canal
Kiting on the beach
Covered (tropical) pools in the area.


Schoorl : Hargen aan Sail
Concours Hippique

Bergen : Slightly evening
Art Market (every Thursday)

Alkmaar : Cheese Market (every Friday) Culinary Plaza

Egmond : Half marathon

Greeting : Greeting from Schoorl Run

Fairs in Schoorl, Groet and Bergen



Schoorlse dune



Chees Market


Municipality Bergen